A collection of projects & (crazy) experiments

August '19 - December '19

UX Design & Engineering for FROG — a learning and orchestration tool


June '19 - October '19

Aesop: Authoring Digital Storytelling Experiences

Case Study · Publication

March - April '19

Wearable Technology for Posture Analysis

Case Study

March '19

Bots At Work — Code Less. Design More.

Case Study

January - February '19

Workaholic — Taking care of User Health

Case Study

October '18

Helping Hands — Real-time Sign Language Translation

Case Study

July '18

AI Writes Poetry

Case Study

June - July '18

Predicting Purchase Behaviour for Mastercard

Case Study

February - April '18

Designing Creative Interactions for TEDxDTU

Case Study

April '18

Camouflage — Confess Anonymously

Case Study

March '18

We Clothe Them — Branding, Design, and Development

Case Study

Feb '18

Coding a Generalized Neural Network from scratch


September '17

Beatdrop — Connect through Music

Case Study

July '17

Sentiment Analysis of Movie Reviews


June '17

Use it yourself — Face Recognition in Python


June - July '17

Graphic Design for InkHostel

November '16

Videography for International Agrobiodiversity Congress

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September '16

Sixth Sense — Assisting the visually impaired


April '16

Spherical — A tourist's compass

June - July '16

Burger Bot — Personal Chatbot Portfolio

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June '16

BubbleJS — Animated Web Backgrounds


June - July '16

UI/UX Design & Development for Visual Website Optimizer

December '15

Source Code — Search for code snippets and generate websites

August '14

Google Doodle Halloween Game

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