Hello. I'm Abhinav Thukral.

I'm a designer, developer and machine learning enthusiast. I love building innovative engineering solutions with beautiful user experiences.

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Recents from the lab

Web & Mobile

Aesop — An Authoring Tool for Digital Storytelling
June - August 2019 · Weave Lab, IIIT-D

Storytelling can become even more engaging with the help of multimedia like audio, visual effects, animatronics, lighting control. However, creating such experiences for storytellers requires them to have a myriad of technical skills. We developed a simple block-based programming tool that allows storytellers to quickly author such digital experiences and evaluated it using user studies. We presented Aesop at UIST 2019.

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Bots At Work — Code Less. Design More.
March 2019

Imagine just talking about a design and seeing it come to life instantly. That's 'Bots at Work'. It is a project that uses decision-based algorithms to write code using natural language instructions given to it. So you can devote more time to design your product instead of coding it. Currently it works on producing frontend for the web.

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Workaholic — Taking care of User Health
January - February 2019

It is usual to spend about 5-10 hours a day interacting with our laptops and phones. This slowly ruins our posture, eyesight and causes headaches. In addition, being immersed in work makes us forget to take care of our hydration and other important health related daily activities. Workaholic uses the best health practices and reminds you in well thought-out intervals to do ergonomic activities that help improve your health as you work.

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Predicting Purchase Behaviour for Mastercard
June - July 2018 · Summer Internship, Mastercard

Working with transactional level data and building Mastercard's purchase prediction model using deep learning as a summer intern.

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UX Design & Engineering for FROG — a learning and orchestration tool
August 2019 - Present · CHILI Lab, EPFL

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Wearable Technology for Posture Analysis
March - April 2019

We developed a non-intrusive wearable sensor (which can be attached to a user's belt or jacket) that employs accelerometers combined with a wifi module to analyse posture. By analysing the sensor data, we provide subtle feedbacks to correct posture through notifications.

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Helping Hands — Real-time Sign Language Translation
October 2018

A real-time sign language translator that is optimized to work with an ordinary webcam, recognizes the hand signal using a trained convolutional neural network and applies word segmentation to write the intended sentence. The translator, then waits for the completion of the sentence and converts it to speech.

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Beatdrop — Connect through Music
September 2017

Conceptualised and designed for a design hackathon, BeatDrop is a social media platform that connects users based on their music interests. BeatDrop's UI integrates multiple elements such as pulse graph (music interests), interactive profile search, sharing "mood" through music.

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Spherical — A tourist's compass
April 2016

Spherical is a toursim application inspired by VR that recommends users places to visit when they point their devices in any direction. Spherical won the first position at HackIIITD and a cash prize of Rs. 25000.

Designing Creative Interactions for TEDxDTU
February - April 2018

TEDxDTU — an independently organised TED event was organised on 20th April 2018 at DTU. Working as the Head of IT, my team developed the web & app platform developed for the event. The platform was used by over 2,000 people.

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Sixth Sense — Assisting the visually impaired
September 2016

SixthSense is an iOS app that assists people with visual disabilities. With a tap, it scans the room for objects (using Clarifai) and converts it to speech informing the person about objects in their vicinity. It also identifies sharp objects and gives a warning and detects distance from hard obstacles (using Raspberry Pi).

UI/UX Design & Development for Visual Website Optimizer
June - July 2016

For my summer internship in 2016, I worked with Wingify's A/B testing tool - VWO. Working as a UI/UX Engineer, I worked on building a chrome extension focussed to provide a compact and accessible version of the UI for A/B testing along with designing and engineering new features like navigation, on-boarding tutorials for the web app.

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