Designing creative interactions


Web/App Development, UI Design


2 months


Delhi Technological University



In November 2016, I was asked to be a part of the Information Technology team for an upcoming TEDx event at my university. After the event, I was appointed as the Head of Information Technology for next TEDx event in 2018. Below, I attempt to summarise my endeavours to create innovative designs for the event.

Designing the Coming Soon page — 2017

Going through the TEDx logo guidelines, I realised the importance of the 'x' in the logo. The idea was simple: I planned to reveal the logo following the unified system for TEDx logos as the user places the 'x' on the stencil image.

It was formulaic that I chose the colour scheme with only red, black and white. To establish the interactivity, I replaced the mouse movement of the cursor with a hand with the letter 'x' from the logo. As the mouse hovered, I made the stencil pop up, to indicate that the object had to be clicked. A help text was added at the top to guide the user. On clicking the stencil, the 'x' was placed at the logo and the hand animated down the screen. With a delay of 2 seconds, the background transitioned to white as the logo turned into the bright red colour of TEDx while revealing the name of the university. Below it, as per the guidelines, came the subtext, revealing the complete logo and the essential "Coming Soon". I added the social links for the event for the users to follow the event on social media till the main website was setup.

Theme Reveal

The more engaging task I received was after a month while working on the main website. Our organising team had decided that the theme for the event would be Because grey matters. The team decided to reveal the theme for the event to the interested participants (mostly students from various colleges around Delhi) on social media and to create a theme page for the website. I had to conceptualise, design and code the webpage for the theme reveal.

The theme seemed really captivating. Grey matter had always been a topic of my interest and the wordplay of the theme gave me a lot of creative ideas to showcase it. A while back, I watched a TED-Ed video about 'The neuroscience of imagination' where I learnt that our brain thinks of words and ideas by the synchronous firing of neurons. I used this concept to create a relevant and engaging experience for the users to reveal the theme.

The idea was to design the inside of a brain with various particles that represent neurons. The user would have to connect five neurons to unveil the theme. I thought of creating an interface to show the user that we are entering his/her brain to discover the theme. Each time a neuron was found, a few letters from the theme would appear.

View the Theme Reveal in action

Summary for TEDx 2018

TEDxDTU 2018 Coming Soon Page

For the TEDx 2018 event organised by my university, I led the IT department. We had to setup the website, a portal for users to register for the event and pay for their tickets, an Andrioid/iOS app for the same and at the same time make it look appealing to audience. The platforms saw an interaction of over 2,000 people.